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Control4 OS 3.4.0

Control4 OS 3.4.0: A Deep Dive into the Future of Smart Home Automation

New Features and Highlights

Lighting Color Picker: The color and tem perature pickers have been redesigned to im prove usability. To save a color preset you need to select the heart icon and nam e the preset.

In-app Notification Management: The mobile app now has a new settings configuration that allows users to enable notifications for devices that generate events in the History view today. The user can select what events they want a device to notify on, or disable notifications for that device entirely by disabling the bell icon to the left of the device name.

CCTV Experience Updates: Live thumbnails with Indicators - Live indicator icons now appear when streaming live camera feeds. Additionally, we have enhanced the live thumbnail view for tablets and our T4 touchscreens to have a scrollable 2x2 grid of live thumbnails that takes advantage of the larger format screens.

Control4 For Your Desktop: If you're looking for a replacement for the PC app that existed for OS2, we have some good news. Beginning a year ago, we started supporting running the Control4 app on your computer. lt requires an Apple Mac with an M1/M2 chipset or PC running the latest version of Windows 11.

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