R.3 Series Rack-Optimised 4K60 HDR HDMI Cables


R.3 Series Passive HDMI Cable

Unrivalled connectivity never replicated in the market. The world's most shielded HDMI cable that eliminates signal dropouts with an industry-leading success rate of 99.99%.


Kordz - making Predictable Reliability possible

Kordz is a globally recognised, multi award-winning specialist cable brand. Committed to a high standard of practical, graceful design and superior manufacturing, we deliver quality products around the world. We strive for predictable reliability, a core concept and experience of our industry-leading products, engineered to be fast, effective and more robust.

R.3 4K High Speed with Ethernet round cables

  • Kordz R.3 is our most robust installation HDMI cable, designed for electrical signal preservation and engineered for tight spaces as well as high electrical noise to protect critical HDMI signals. A unique combination of advanced features and materials delivers unrivalled installation performance and reliability. High-tech assembly and vacuum infra-red soldering minimise signal drop-outs, while nitrogen foam polyethylene insulation ensures the highest dielectric constant for digital transmission. With high flexibility and shallow insertion depth, the Kordz R.3 HDMI Cable can be easily maintained on racks with staunch connection and reflexivity that opens new installation design possibilities.

    Used in space missions, military and medical settings, and iconic international events, the Kordz R.3 HDMI Cable is a significant component for critical signals and engineered to deliver maximum commercial uptime.

    Why Installers choose the R.3